Mrs. Nic’s Specialties

*** After-school science enrichment classes

*** Science Birthday Parties

*** Tutoring Math and English, grades 3-7

*** Events for MIT’s Cambridge Science Festival

*** ESL tutoring for adults

*** Training for tours of bio-engineering labs


Mrs. Nic’s Fall Outlook

--- Tutoring 4th and 5th graders three times a week, using Newton curricula

--- Collaboration with Newton Public School educators


Exciting News!  Mrs. Nic has been hired by MathPlus

School of Newton.  She will be teaching her popular program,

“Design Squad,” with an emphasis on the mathematical aspects of

making gizmos and devices by ages 8-12.  I urge you to check out the

school’s flyer and website.

--- Tutoring first grader in non-fiction writing
--- Teaching enrichment course, “Design Squad, Jr.,” at Buckingham, Browne, and Nichols
--- Training participants for 8th Annual Karplab Tour, hosted by bio-medical engineer and professor,

---  Customizing mathematics  enrichment workshops (call to make arrangements)

--- Coordinating Science Birthday on weekend



"...your unusual, incredibly kind gift celebrated both our past together and your recent discoveries.  You have done so much for me, and I will never forget the worlds you have opened for me.  With your guidance I have seen the science world in a whole new light..."
-- High school graduate, Olivia, 2014

"Our teacher of Design Squad was impressive!  I loved the informative and fun."
--Stevie, 6th grader, 2011

"What really fascinates in Mrs. Nic is her ability to create an atmosphere of curiosity and passion for discoveries. Mrs. Nic made my son’s birthday party full of excitement and happy laughter..."
-- Wellington School parent, 2012

"Your intelligence and astuteness developed and expanded my three children's minds."
-- Parent and supporter since 2006

"Christina has a flair for working with gifted children, yet is as creative and successful with students in need of skills."
-- Head of Eliot Montessori School

" are such a great teacher and mentor. Thanks for exciting me about biomimetics and for bringing me to Karp Lab."
-- 6th grader

"She prepared all of us for cutting-edge experiments in MIT research labs."
-- 5th grader

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart (for tutoring my twin boys)."
-- A Korean mother

“The kids had an amazing time! My daughter said that there were a million projects...all her favorites. My son liked the “BrushBots,” and both of them loved making a river through
the maple tree.” 
-- Belmont public school mother and scientist

“…you are a great Science Magic teacher!  I have signed up and cannot wait
to do Science Magic for after school class on Wednesdays!”
-- letter from 7-year-old girl at Belmont Day Camp this summer 2013

“ Hi, Mrs. Nic, …thank you for coming to my birthday party…it was so cool…
4 one last time, I’ll say thank you with a super Happyface.”
-- 9 year-old boy from Groton, MA

Christina Nicolson

a.k.a. Mrs. Nic