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SPRING EVENTS/Workshops/Courses

--- Designing and Teaching STEAM enrichment courses at Wellington Elementary, Belmont, Belmont Day School, and Milton Academy, The Saturday Course through June.

--- Working as liaison and M.S. curriculum designer for SoftRoboticsToolkit at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. (I need participants who use Arduino.)

--- Testing “Playground Physics” and “Fraction Mash” for the New York Science Hall. (Participation is free. Please inquire.)

Sunday, June 7 and Sunday, June 14  (OPEN TO PUBLIC)
 Mrs.Nic’s Science Studio at home in Belmont.  Two Separate Workshops:

  1. “Make and Take Home” Workshop for ages 5-9
  2.  Soft Robotics workshop with Arduino for ages 10+

 Contact for details and/or EVITE invitation:

SUMMER EVENTS/Workshops/Birthdays

Bee Expo --- Mrs. Nic, local beekeepers, Follow the Honey in Harvard Square, CLOVER, and Noah Rich-Wilson of are planning a celebration of “Wellness” products, such as honey/aloe BandAids (, “BooBoo Salve,” and Prototype #13 Beeswrap. 
Open to the Public, perhaps through Evite or MeetUp online services.  Stay Tuned for announcement of venue and date, probably late June 2015.

Summer Weekends and Mornings July 6 – August 16:  Mrs. Nic and her Teacher Assistant are available to host customized BIRTHDAY PARTIES (science event component), Tutor, and run impromptu workshops in nature ( Mass. Audubon sanctuaries) and at Harvard School of Engineering Robotics Lab.  Inquire if you have initiative and an idea.

At Belmont Day Camp in June --- full time “Science Music Specialist”
At Belmont Day Camp in July and August:  Designer and Teacher of Science Electives in the afternoons.

August 24-28, 2015 Mrs. Nic’s Safari Survival  --- Sorry, Fully Enrolled, as of April 16.
Curious? Waiting List?

 September 1 – September 4  (Open to Public)
SCI-FUN ADVENTURES, mostly for Belmont Kindergarteners before school starts for them. 
4 spots left.  For details and registration, sent note by email.  This was a hit last year!


FALL Work:

*** Teaching Enrichment classes weekly, as in past years, at Belmont Day School, Wellington Elementary Belmont Public School, and The Saturday Course, Milton Academy

*** Studying since early summer, as a Transformative Teacher" at the Dalai Lama Center for Ethics at MIT, sponsored by WGBH...honored to be with four of my Middle School students for an audience with His Holiness and other religious leaders on October 31...our activities focus on becoming change-makers with empathy, forgiveness, and self-acceptance.

** Enrichment Courses designed by Christina Nicolson include:
“Design Squad, Jr.,” “Design Squad Egypt,” “Biomimicry Under the Microscope,” “Mathematics in Nature (esp. spirals),” “STEAM Writing Techniques,” and “Wild Animal Planet (Biomimetics) and
"Facing the Lions."(teens and adults)


Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Where do you give enrichment courses and workshops?
A:  Wellington Elementary in Belmont, Belmont Day School and Camp,
          The Saturday Course at Milton Academy, Girl Scout troops,
          Habitat, Mass. Audubon, and..
          … my Belmont house and other people’s homes for private events, such as tutoring,
                 small workshops, and Birthday Parties.
(I’ll gladly email course descriptions to help elucidate what we could plan together.)

Q:  What courses do you offer?
A:  Two NEW courses are:  “Math Magic in Nature” and “Bio-Inspired Robotics” (for all ages).
Three revised courses that have been popular:  “Design Squad,” Egyptian Expedition,” and “Wild Animal Planet” (for ages 5 – 13)
And a specialty at Belmont Day School for 7th and 8th:  “Biomimicry Under the Microscope” (introductory and intermediate)

Q:  When are you available for non-school events?
A:  Thursdays after 5:00PM; Fridays all afternoon; and Sunday afternoons (reserved for
          Birthday Parties and Cambridge Science Festival events)

Q:  How can I sign up for School Holiday Workshops (see below) or a private event? 
A:  CONTACT me at my email address:
Let’s talk about making a private arrangement or…work through other families who have used my learning services.  (See testimonials below.)


Note about Birthday Parties:  Mrs. Nic will be available to give science events for birthdays on most Saturdays or Sundays, if arranged 2 weeks in advance.


"...your unusual, incredibly kind gift celebrated both our past together and your recent discoveries.  You have done so much for me, and I will never forget the worlds you have opened for me.  With your guidance I have seen the science world in a whole new light..."
-- High school graduate, Olivia, 2014

"Our teacher of Design Squad was impressive!  I loved the informative and fun."
--Stevie, 6th grader, 2011

"What really fascinates in Mrs. Nic is her ability to create an atmosphere of curiosity and passion for discoveries. Mrs. Nic made my son’s birthday party full of excitement and happy laughter..."
-- Wellington School parent, 2012

"Your intelligence and astuteness developed and expanded my three children's minds."
-- Parent and supporter since 2006

"Christina has a flair for working with gifted children, yet is as creative and successful with students in need of skills."
-- Head of Eliot Montessori School

" are such a great teacher and mentor. Thanks for exciting me about biomimetics and for bringing me to Karp Lab."
-- 6th grader

"She prepared all of us for cutting-edge experiments in MIT research labs."
-- 5th grader

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart (for tutoring my twin boys)."
-- A Korean mother

“The kids had an amazing time! My daughter said that there were a million projects...all her favorites. My son liked the “BrushBots,” and both of them loved making a river through
the maple tree.” 
-- Belmont public school mother and scientist

“…you are a great Science Magic teacher!  I have signed up and cannot wait
to do Science Magic for after school class on Wednesdays!”
-- letter from 7-year-old girl at Belmont Day Camp this summer 2013

“ Hi, Mrs. Nic, …thank you for coming to my birthday party…it was so cool…
4 one last time, I’ll say thank you with a super Happyface.”
-- 9 year-old boy from Groton, MA

Christina Nicolson

a.k.a. Mrs. Nic