The Virtual Interior Designer

The Virtual Interior Designer
The Virtual Interior Designer

The Virtual Interior Designer


The Virtual Interior Designer

We get it, hiring a Professional Designer can be expensive and you just don’t have the time. Maybe you’ve even designed and decorated rooms before but you would like someone to help this time, so why not try our Virtual Interior Designer service and have us take on the design and decision-making for you.

What we do

The Virtual Interior Designer does just that - using our experience, we design your space and share it virtually (using Zoom) so you can understand the design and get on with creating your ideal interior.

Put simply, we take the decision-making out of the process so you can get on with finishing your home.

How it works

We will virtually design your dream interior so you can create it yourself (or manage the contractors).

  1. Purchase a session with the Virtual Interior Designer

  2. Send us some photos of your space (

  3. Fill out our quick questionnaire and wait for the magic to happen - the Design

  4. We design the interior and send you an easy-to-use virtual design - this might be in the form of sketches, visuals, or material board (varies with project and room type)

  5. We set up a Zoom call to present the design to you and answer any questions

  6. Using this information you should be able to purchase items and finishes needed to complete the transformation

What you get

Depending on the project, there may be more than one option to consider so we take this into account and create options for you. We then have a meeting with you on Zoom to discuss the design(s) and help make any adjustments.

  • Drawings and/or visuals to best communicate the ideas

  • Mood board with colour scheme and ideal products

  • Text summary of design

Who we are

Over the past 15 years, Sonia Nicolson has worked as a British chartered Architect, Senior Lecturer at a top UK Arts University, Academic Represented with the British Council, and External Examiner at a number of leading design schools. She now runs her own at-home design studio and has taught thousands of students through her courses and online coaching.

If you have any questions, email

Give it a try and let’s get you on the way to creating a happier home and more user-friendly space.

Please note: It is important to check the local Planning Permission and Building Regulations to ensure the proposals are feasible.

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