Guess Who

Are drama, dissection and discovery
      the top of your pick?
Everything you learn
      will most definitely stick.
Can you guess who will give you
      this and more
When I say scientific, intelligent,
      imaginative, and friendly galore?
Why, it is obvious, without doubt,
      the very inspirational and energetic

                     Mrs. Nic!

---composed by Harriet Grayson,
     student at Saturday Course and workshops

     June 2010



NOTE:  This is an email from Jeong Eun Kim, whose two sons were my tutees for two years.

“October 26, 2010

Hi, Inbo,

I am writing to introduce Mrs. Nicolson who used to be a private English tutor for my boys, Leo and Thomas.

I think you have already met her during a visit to my house in Boston.
She was a great, great teacher and mentor for my sons, and they still miss her, and talk a lot about Boston days with her.

Her tutoring is not just confined to English itself, but covered all the things such as playing, music, science, athletics, which attracts children and hold their attention. It (her teaching) is very effective for foreign children to access and enhance English skills very easily, I think.....

All the best,
Jeong Eun Kim, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Neurosurgery,
Seoul National University College of Medicine,
Seoul National University Hospital




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Wednesday, 06 October 2010 07:26


As an MIT Portugal Bioengineering doctoral student visiting MIT for two years, Maria Pereira is boosting her research aimed at a future career in industry. But she is also taking part in efforts to attract local elementary school children to join her one day as researchers.

Hosted by the Karp Laboratory at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Pereira is pursuing her research on development of a cardiac patch for biomolecule delivery. This project builds on the work of her advisors, Jeffrey Karp and Lino Ferreira from the University of Coimbra/BioCant Technology Park, while both were postdoctoral fellows in the Langer Laboratory, where they developed the “gecko bandage.”

This year the Karp Lab hosted a group of students from the Wellington School in Belmont, Massachusetts, led by their teacher Cristina Nicolson. Nicolson has long-standing connections with academic researchers in the Boston area and Karp volunteered to demonstrate his lab’s work, as part of Nicolson’s year-long “National Lab Day” project entitled “Becoming Citizen Scientists.”

Pereira said, “I was amazed at the creativity and curiosity of Mrs. Nicolson’s group of young scientists---two key characteristics that a good engineer must have.  It is critical to stimulate these capacities at young ages and to inspire children to use them for helping others.  Mrs. Nicolson is an excellent example of this, and it was a fantastic opportunity for me to be part of it (the 2nd Annual Karp Lab Tour).”