Interior Design Class

learn to hand draw an interior floor plan from a passionate Architect and former University lecturer of 15+ years so you can show more creativity in your life, more confidence in your work, and express yourself in your designs.

Work through our step-by-step class from the comfort of your home and learn how to confidently draw an interior floor plan by hand


meet your mentor



I help people with a creative background get back into hand drawing and explore the world of architectural and urban sketching in a relaxed way by teaching them how to express themselves and their surroundings through drawing.



I created this Interior Design Class to share my knowledge, tips, and tricks for creating beautiful floor plans so you can learn how to hand draw any interior space in plan view, creatively document a space, and have fun drawing



You are not alone if

  • You think you are pretty good at drawing but you want to learn more about technical drawing skills

  • You want to be able to draw floor plans and share them with confidence

  • You’re not an architect but you want to learn to draw like one and see the world through a new lens

  • You are addicted to Dream Home Makeover, The Home Edit, and other Netflix binge-worthy design programs but you have no idea where to start

  • You want to go to Art College or University but you need to build a portfolio of amazing work

  • You can draw but you haven’t for ages, and you want to get back into it

Interior Design kitchen floor plan

I get it because I was there too

FROM STRUGGLING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT TO university scholarship student, I know how to develop creative hand drawing skills to help you stand out.

Interior Design Floor Plan class

Just imagine if…

  • You have designed your new (insert room) in your head, now you can easily draw it up in plan view to help explain to someone

  • You open your portfolio at an interview and proudly present your drawings; plans, sketches, colour palettes, and material boards, and more. Offer me a place on the course, hire me…say yes!!

  • You feel ready to take on your first client - you walk into their space, sketch out the ‘as existing’ floor plan, and discuss proposed design ideas to help them create a beautifully functional space.



what our Students are saying

“Lovely class to help you loosen up your hand and get practical about drawing a floor plan. It's really easy and straightforward as it's a beginner’s level, you won't be scaling things proportionally or doing any measurements…it's very insightful and helpful for anyone starting up.”

Student Testimonial

“This was so much fun for me, I have experience drawing floor plans just from copying existing ones but it was great to understand what all the lines mean, when to use them, and how to draw people in a room”

Student Testimonial



Interior Design (Floor Plan) Class

what you’ll learn, step-by-step:

Welcome & Overview

Module 1: Tools for Interior Design (and Warm-up Exercise)

Module 2: Structure - internal walls, external walls, door, window (and ink up)

Module 3: Furniture, adding detail from the room (and ink up)

Module 4: Adding Character Through Detail (and People)

invite to share your finished floor plan in the class gallery



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student work

over 1,200 students have taken this course


“Sonia taught all the aspects of setting up an interior floor plan with passion, it was very engaging - I appreciate her hard work. There were quite a lot of things that I did not know or understand before this class and I am very grateful for this help.”

Student Testimonial





Over the past 15 years, Sonia has worked as a British chartered Architect, Academic Director at a leading design school in India, Senior Lecturer at a top UK Arts University, Academic Representative with the British Council, and External Examiner at a number of design schools. She continues to teach online and runs her own design studio from her home in Iceland.



Why enroll in our Interior Design Class?

  • Online courses mean you can learn from the comfort of your home, at your own pace. Pause, take a break, rewatch, and practice along with me as I teach you how to draw an interior floor plan by hand.

  • You will learn the basics of Interior (Architectural) Design and will produce a hand-drawn floor plan on the course (this is ideal if you are looking to build an art & design portfolio)

  • You will gain confidence with each step, and with practice, will start to fall in love with your work

  • You will be able to use your new drawing skills in communication - think of a client meeting where you are pitching a design idea, your sketch will help them visualize and increase the chance of buy-in

  • You will be able to produce a hand-drawn interior floor plan



wondering if our Interior Design Class is for you…


Who it’s for

You are looking to learn how to draw a floor plan and learn the basics of interior technical drawings

You want to get into interior design or architecture, this is a great introduction

Studying Interior design or Architecture but struggling with your technical skills, this class could be your secret weapon


Who it’s not for

Experienced Interior / Architectural Designers who can already confidently draw floor plans and people in plan view

People who dislike hand drawing but love all the drawing software - unless you want to show you can do both…



the bonuses

Links to my fave tools / Members Only Facebook Group / Access to our Resource Library




  • The class is taught via videos which you have full access to. You can log in and watch in your own time, pause, rewatch, and practice as you go. You will have access to the class for the lifetime of the course.

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • No, you do not have to show your work in the class group but we recommend you do it.

    1. It can be scary to upload a picture of your work (we get that) but trust us, once you have shared, it won’t feel scary.

    2. The support you will get will feel amazing and will only serve to help you. We encourage positive, constructive feedback so you can learn from sharing your work with the class.

    3. The more you interact, the more your classmates will interact so we encourage you to like and comment on other’s work, it’s a great way to continue your learning and help others - we consider it a win-win situation.



Upon enrolling, you’ll receive a link to the content and will have access for the lifetime of the course



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